Edge Interactive Market

Last month, we introduced another new feature for Edge users called the Edge Interactive Market.  Using the Market, users can post ‘bulletin board’ style listings comprised of text and up to four photos of items or properties for sale or rent.

To ensure that all listings meet each community’s standards, all listings must be approved by management prior to posting.  If a listing is rejected, Edge automatically sends an email to the author that indicates the reason the listing was rejected so that they can alter and re-post their listing.  Accepted listings are queued for publishing.

At time of submission, the user indicates the audience for their listing, ranging from just their community to all Edge communities.  Approved listings automatically appear in the appropriate Edge Interactive community Markets.  Also, all users can subscribe to a customized automatic email sent once a day when the new listings are posted and containing all new listings appropriate to the audience and user.  For both the online Market and the automated email, users can select whether they want to see just their community’s listings or those from a wider range of submitters.

To help manage the Market, communities can set their own limits on the number of concurrent listings from each unit and the length of time the listing will show.