Keybox for Edge

The wrapper is coming off on our latest product  —  our digital “Keybox for Edge” — and we wanted you to be among the first to know about this revolutionary addition to the Edge by Melinx system.  Keybox helps buildings securely and neatly manage their inventory of keys to protect the privacy and security of owners and residents.

Compact enough to sit atop the smallest of front desks, to install in a desk drawer, or to mount to a nearby wall, the digital Keybox for Edge packs 140 individual key fobs in a mere 10″w x 12″d x 3″h storage box.  Each fob can accommodate up to two standard residential/commercial-sized keys, which makes Keybox’s capable of holding up to 280 keys.  For added security, the fobs are unlabelled and rely instead on each fob’s built in digital electronics to identify it.

The digital Keybox includes it’s own powerful microprocessor with built-in Wi-Fi support for standalone operation — no separate PC is required.  Keybox uses either your iPhone or a $200 iPod Touch to control access and to monitor and record the removal and return of keys.  Only a simple USB power cable is required to power and operate Keybox, and adding an inexpensive, cellphone battery pack allows the digital Keybox to continue to operate even when the power goes off.

Keybox for Edge is tightly integrated with Edge by Melinx that enables restricting access to pre-approved persons, comprehensive monitoring and reporting of key usage, and direct messaging to the key owner every time a key is used and returned.

For a limited time, each digital Keybox sells for $1999 and includes 145 fobs; additional fobs are available in packages of 10 for $99.  A license for Edge by Melinx is also required along with a $10/month license for the Keybox software.  Delivery begins January, 2017 for the 140 fob model, with smaller and larger configurations to follow.